Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence Lab (CVMI Lab)

Our lab is dedicated to advancing computer vision, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. Our aim is to push visual intelligence forward towards open-world environments. We believe it has the potential to transform future manufacturing, robotics, autonomous driving, virtual reality and more, thereby generate positive impacts on our lives. Currently, we are interested in exploring the following topics:

  • Develop 3D reconstruction and generation methods for digitizing and recreating the real world, as well as constructing visual data simulators.
  • Develop the interface between large vision and language models for open-world visual understanding and intelligent visual reasoning.
  • Develop reliable, trustworthy and adaptable visual models that possess lifelong learning abilities.
  • Develop efficient training and inference methods for "green", sustainable, and cost-effective visual intelligence.

  • Additionally, we are also interested in utilizing AI to advance scientific and medical research (AI for Science and Medicine).

    Lab Updates

    Lab Members

    Current/Previous Mentorship (Long-term Collaborators and Friends)

    I only list students who have been mentored by me for more than half a year. Most of them become long-term collaborators and good friends: Ruihang Chu, Yanwei Li, Yukang Chen, Cendra Julio Fernando, Qihao Huang, Chexuan Qiao , Mutian Xu, Csaba Botos, Bowen Li, Huaijia Lin, Jiang Li, Ruizheng Wu, Hengshuang Zhao.